Shopping TV360 (C2M)

Marketvplace is changing the way we shop!


The @Marketvplace (C2M) 'Consumer to Manufacturer'. Changing the way we shop! (C2M) is in its infancy; we are having applications developed but welcome our members to provide their skills in the development of not only apps. but also streaming software and unique solutions that will earn them equity in the Marketvplace. Contact us via Email:


'Share' listings on 'social-media' the more 'shares' the less you pay. We will procure the product in volume and you and I pay the cost price no mark-up, commission or fees. The Marketvplace is a (C2M) TV Streaming & Ecommerce Consumer Empowerment Platform. Contact us via Email:

C2M, 'Consumer to Manufacturer' Empowering Consumers. We procure products directly from the manufacturer. The discounts based are based on economies of scale, enabling you and I to save up to 90%.

  • If you like a product, take a photo (optional) and Pin the product; one click is all it takes. You are under no obligation to purchase whatsoever.

  • Take the Xiaomi (MIUI) branded smart phone. If its advertised for ZAR 1799.00. Why pay retail? It may take an extra week for delivery; *Smart people are not impulsive buyers.

  • Never purchase anything impulsively. Take 2 minutes and Pin the item. For any product or service to get listed it must be Pined, that is requested by a member. Manufacturers, cannot list their products. We will not list any item that may be suspect.

  • Just remember when an social influencer promotes some product they do so for financial gain. Our listed items are requested by our members (buyers) hoping to pay less for the item and will pay the same bulk discounted price per unit as any other purchaser.

  • Here is the catch, just a little patience and remember the more buyers the lower you and I pay for a single unit. Once you (Pin) the item you have placed an order to purchase. If we receive enough orders and manage to procure the discounted price only them does the order become binding. We recommend you promote the item; tell friends, peers, social media etc. You can view the items price reducing in real time. The more buyers the bigger the discount.

  • If you interested in any product just Pin it. Without any obligation. You choose the price. With a little cooperation between consumers we can procure 100, 1000, 10 000 units etc.

*Studies have been done. In over 90% of cases the impulsive shopper regrets their purchase. The same item may be available at half the price. The special offer was not special as the device had been discontinued, or even worse. It may look great but it does not work as described.

All products are listed at recommended retail prices. The subscriber that requests the item to be listed will get their product free of charge, subject to the quantity of orders. We will procure these items in bulk with various discount price options.

Your order-form enables you to choose the discount price. The order will only become binding if the total number of orders reach the quantity required to match the desired unit price. Each listing will provide a cut off date and if your chosen price is reached only then will the order submitted become binding. ding if we reach the price reflected based on the quantity necessary to reach the low cost price. Please 'share' the product listing on social media, and with friends as the higher the interest the lower the price.