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Monetize your Content

Earning on Twitch is the icing on the cake, so let’s make the most of your time on and off stream to make some money. Get tips from popular streamers on how to optimize subs, merch, ads, and sponsorships to help you make a living sharing what you love.

Twitch Basics

On Twitch there are lots of tools to help you start making money. Read to decide what's best for your community.

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Bits and Subscriptions

Bits and Subscriptions are two of the most common ways viewers support creators on Twitch. Learn what they are and how to use them.

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Running Ads

When you reach Partnership, you'll have the option to run ads on your stream. Learn how to integrate them from successful partners.

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If it's right for you and your community, you can offer game publishers or other brands exposure to boost your earnings.

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Get Rewarded - Learning About Sponsorships

Channel owners, media houses and educational institutions contact us; please provide your channel name and a short description of your company. Add your free or paid content. Unlike other platforms we do not monetise any content. This is a free nonprofit TV marketplace. Email:

Educational Organizations: No Fees or Commissions Whatsoever! Continued...

All educational institutions pay no fees, costs or commissions whatsoever. There is no small print. It is your choice to have any number of courses and or advertising promoted and or uploaded, so the learner has the option to study from the Marketvplace or to login to your site and learn etc. There is no cost whatever you choose. Why not offer both to learners as over 70% of our members (viewers) are under 35 years of age. Contact the Marketvplace, and we can have you bespoke pages up within 72 hours. Free design, free advertising and no fees or commissions on any sale whatsoever. The Marketvplace & TV360, are nonprofit and registered as a Cooperative. Please Contact Us or call us on +27739207093 - Email: