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We thank TikTok for allowing us to promote their global video service.

For the record the Marketvplace and or affiliates have no affiliation to TikTok, or their affiliates or parent company whatsoever. The Marketvplace, do not accept any payments or incentives from any content provider. whatsoever. Signed 05 June 2021 in Johannesburg, South Africa. - @Marketvplace. [Free, *Nonprofit]

We apricate any content you provide. The Marketvplace is Nonprofit Cooperative we endeavour to provide our members & viewers who cannot afford subscriptions to OTT services, or have no access to the internet or a smart device. By sharing a little content you are providing a huge opportunity to millions of young adults. Making up over 65% of our 45 million population. I understand we are a tiny country! But we are still the gateway to Africa. Over 70% of goods and services reach our ports; air and sea. Then movie inland & connect to hundreds of millions of young adults.


Sisebenzisa noma yikuphi okuqukethwe okunikezayo. IMarketvplace yiNhlangano engenzi nzuzo sizama ukuhlinzeka ngamalungu ethu nezibukeli ezingakwazi ukukhokhela okubhaliselwe izinsizakalo ze-OTT, noma ezingenakho ukufinyelela ku-inthanethi noma idivaysi ehlakaniphile. Ngokwabelana ngokuqukethwe okuncane unikeza ithuba elikhulu ezigidini zabantu abadala. Ukwenza ngaphezu kwama-65% wabantu bethu abayizigidi ezingama-45. Ngiyaqonda ukuthi siyizwe elincanyana! Kepha siseseyindlela eya e-Afrika. Izimpahla nezinsizakalo ezingaphezu kwama-70% zifinyelela emachwebeni ethu; umoya nolwandle. Ngemuva kwalokho i-movie maphakathi nezwe & xhuma kumakhulu ezigidi zabantu abadala.


我们对您提供的任何内容进行处理。 Marketvplace 是非营利合作组织,我们致力于为无法负担 OTT 服务订阅费用或无法访问互联网或智能设备的会员和观众提供服务。通过分享一点内容,您为数百万年轻人提供了一个巨大的机会。占我们 4500 万人口的 65% 以上。我知道我们是一个小国!但我们仍然是通往非洲的门户。超过 70% 的货物和服务到达我们的港口;空气和海洋。然后是内陆电影并与数亿年轻人建立联系。

Excitement and hope leads to passion and economic empowerment. This in turn creates more paid users and increases the global marketplace for the benifit of every living animal, plant & our planet.

By allowing us to give millions of South Africans, a glimpse of what what to them is surreal & beyond their wildest imagination. This gift cannot be valued in (ZAR) or (USD) But, the short to medium term finacial benifit to you may be huge. Our work with *'The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund' our aim has been to assist millions of young adults amazed and excited to get connected and may very soon have their own @TikTok accounts.

Our mobile device has been developed ourselves over the last few years & we believe it is by far the highest quality device with more than 4 GB of RAM and it is more affordable then the cheapest low quality crap from China that is imported into our country by Profiteers trying to make quick money. This has become such a problem as we see so many of these good looking devices that have been purchased for around ZAR800.00 unfortunately with less than 512MB of RAM & such poor components the buyers often do not understand what specs. Plus with such small so little storage the device cannot download more than 1-2 Apps. This is the truth. I have personally seen the glee in the eyes of young adults when they see Google World or Maps for the first time. Of learn to take a phot or video and how grateful they are when we give them one of our brand new devices. But I have also witnessed the disappointment and shock when one has saved for months to purchase the wrong device and when offering to assist them it is not a setting but cheap crap that was never manufactured or sold for use but only for a quick profit.

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