Kabbalah (Receive)

Kabbalah, means to the best of my knowledge 'to receive' but before we begin let me say I am terrible at putting my thoughts and ideas on paper. more importantly However well written our individual understanding and the way we learn is different. Like everything else you and I understand concepts even basic ideas differently. It may be that you are genuinely a genius, you may have multiple degrees from Art to Zcience. Let me ask a question? How can a drone pilot who has never piloted a real plane be better or even compare to a decorated jet fighter pilot, even after having the same drone education and the same teachers?

Madonna Kabbalah

however you want to learn for example some may be a rabbi (teacher) or priest. Some may trust their own understanding. It matters not if you are a professor having read philosophy or physics the arts or sciences. No ne can help you or explain it to you and others may think I need to find a teacher. That could be a pointer in the logical direction. Please do not assume just because your rabbi (teacher) or Kabbalah websites or courses the chances are 99.99999% if you lucky you will learn "Madonna Kabbalah" that is your best outcome. It goes down from there to finding out no such place exists after you pay for your year or decade long course. However if your 'teacher' tries to convince you that you should first not drive on a saterday that is another pointer in the right direction. Like I mentioned Kabbalah means to receive. In other words you will not find the teacher the teacher will find you. Let me ask you another question? Do you think gold bullion is a good investment. comparing the return and its physical nature I would guess without having any knowledge of the subject that any blue chip stock or better still group of stocks (shares)on one of the public markets will provide a better return over time. Unless our entire digital age implodes. But even then you cannot eat gold and you cannot build a shelter. But you may have a better chance of trading it for wood than if you had a share certificate. Again I have gone of point. gold is not an investment. It is an instrument or tool for storing money. I bet you your $10 000.00 or ZAR 10 000.00 invested in gold 100 years ago would be worth more than keeping the paper. It also has less chance of rotting. Assuming you have an army to protect it.

says yes sute I will teach you. Keeps calling you say . in fact multiple fields. Another question to ask studied philosophy or physics or whatever. because understanding of their customary spiritual guide. Others may search out their professor in the sciences or whatever. If you on this page let me ask a question? Have you herd the term "Madonna Kabbalah" or Kabalah or Caballah. What it means, and this is only my personal limited understanding. There are not a handful of personal limited understandings but an infinite number. Billions of us. It can point to a preacher who is ideally great but has no *culture. say matters not

Culture or Cultured

culture, or 'being cultured' in western anglo/american terms for me [means] points to talking superficially having a taste for classical music, knowledge and appreciation of wines using the term 'it points' as that is more accurate. I am devolving