'Pin' the Marketvplace is the ultimate shopping experience.

The Marketvplace is not only about streaming. You can now place orders directly from your favourite TV series or Cooking show. Pin a channel any (TV Channel) product, recipes & much more!

While our concept is new and unique please be patient as even the best 'new' ideas can take a little longer to get going especially those that change the existing paradigm!

Add your TV channel, movie, video, TV series etc. We can provide your subscribers with bespoke access. Channel producers can choose to design their own channel within the Marketvplace, enabling you to design your channel's space and keeping any subscription only content for your subscribers. editing easy. Contact us and we will provide the necessary login details to access the backend making your channel keep ots unique to gain ongoing login facilities access this website the appropriate setting and build for your content. If you currently offer access via subscription we can accommodate you with the you offer their own independent channel and charge a subscription. contact us and we will make it worth your while. As an incentive we offer shares (equity) in the marketvplace. We will provide you with the appropriate services selection and opportunity to edit and design your channels space for each cater for the professional, channel producer and we will insure your content is viewed from its bespoke page channel or smart-phone video. No registration whatsoever. If you would like access to develop or build your own section or page, contact us and we will provide you with direct access. If you would just like to host it than all you need is to provide us with the URL to make your content available. In the other hand if you would like us to upload and host your channel please contact us with your details. We do not request that you register however if you require access to the site, Google would require you to login using your own Google account. We are subscribed to both the Google and Microsoft cloud, so its up to you how you prefer to show your content. All design in necessary or desired will be done as mentioned without charge, We do not allow advertising and the site is entirely free. Email: tv@marketvplace.com

The Marketvplace DSTV360 TV Business Opportunity

Live #news broadcasts, #documentaries, TV channels and the best of #YouTube, without the ads.

The @Marketvplace will become the leading TV Marketplace on the planet.

Channel owners what can you lose. Making cents on the dollar @YouTube

Why not own your own subscription TV platform?

Special Offer Channel Owners:

The 1st 25 quality channels to join us will each receive an equal share of (equity) of incorporation, making up 90% of the total shares in the Marketvplace.

Special Offer for Creative & Software Service Providers:

The remaining 10% of equity will be given to the individual or company that assists us with all software engineering & development.

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Pin a channel (Add TV Channel) does not collect your data. For details we suggest you email us While TV 360 design and develop cutting edge applications this example is not one of their typical Apps. But it is safe to promote your channel to our readers. The Marketvplace is non-profit. The 'TV Marketplace' @Marketvplace do not using bots or boats of any sort whatsoever. TV 360 is testing Appsheet on behalf of Google, who recently acquired the company as we believe only 20% of employees will have the knowledge to code; at least 40% of employees will need to produce basic applications and as such the trend will follow that of website building companies like Shopify & Wix etc. Unfortunately for WordPress, & Woo Commerce their best years have long passed. Blogging platforms are in virus spiral to their demise or at least decline.