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  • - $300 000.00

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  • - Not for Sale - was stolen by @Web4Africa #Web4Africa. What makes this theft more interesting is the domains host was @Web4Africa. In other words, the domain was purchased by a client of Web4Africa, their account was not hacked. The domain never expired. In fact we have proof of the renewal pre-expiry. We have proof of the PayPal renewal payment from PayPal, and confirmation from Web4Africa in b&w. of renewal of In hindsight the domain had already been listed on one of the then leading domain brokers. Web4Africa, claimed to be based in South Africa. The physical address in Sandton was an empty plot of land. Their local phone number listed with ICANN & the local authority was fake. Only one of the mobile phone numbers listed worked. It was traced to Nigeria. Both authorities turned a blind eye to the facts. The local authority went out of its way to assist Web4Africa, making up reasons (excuses) as these excuses changed we finally used their own system to prove the domain: was stolen. The bribe must have been enough to pay off both Web4Africa and the local authority. We do not have proof of who paid the bribe to have a registrar steal their own clients domain. But it is basic knowledge. After having Afrihost track the domains movements. how many domains travel to Eastern Europe before circling back and finding itself for sale on Sedo. I have no proof but I suspect not many local domains are sold on Sedo. Most international registrars do not even offer the extension South Africa as an option as I assume the profit associated with said extension is so low it is not worth the time or effort. It was believed the 'old lady' who owned the account would never know about Sedo or that domains can be traced. What the company or their associate mandated with the task of bribing the registrar did not tell Web4Africa is the domain had legal protection in the form of a registered trademark. They, Web4Africa underestimated the value of their clients domain and had no idea they would be sued some years later for 10 times more than the future value of their company. The domain was hosting two local websites at the time selling hundreds of MIUI smart phones around the world; while the other site was selling and providing support within Africa. Why do you think the exclusive agent for all of Apple locally would want to control MIUI? Africa, having such potential in the smart phone industry as penetration for the old style Nokia or Chinese copy phone had something like 97% penetration across Africa. The smart phone only had 3% making for a huge marketplace. Since Xiaomi changed their name to MI & MIUI it was the most threatening device on the continent. Guess who is importing and distributing the MIUI device and software? Why do you think if you call any Apple support centre or retail store would they lie and say they have no connection and do not offer this device? Ask yourself why this fact is hidden from Apple employees? If you look at the spider like group of companies locally and offshore you will find a link to weapons, logistics and possibly bribery & corruption. Within this labyrinth of deceit and profit lies the truth of the theft, death threats and the killing of healthy pets. All in the name of profit. You will also find the reason the Marketvplace & TV360 is Nonprofit and supports the NMCF. It is the reason no one company or individual will ever dictate our strategy. It is the reason why you and I cannot trust movie review or any paid review company. These are only new forms of advertising. Please do not forget that this was not any individuals company but all Nett profit was for the NMCF. Another fact Web4Africa had no knowledge of. One day in the near future I suspect a government will come into power that will seek justice. The funds the billions of Rand already hidden offshore but the individuals who caused this may be gotten and I am sure the bite in the Apple will big enough symbolically for them to question the old cliché that goes something like does the end justify the means.

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