Members Benefits

I really enjoy watching a good movie or TV series. But, I also enjoy documentaries. The Marketvplace endeavour to bring all the best content together at 10% of the retail price & without having to login to 20 different platforms. The problem I have found is subscribing to Netflix for example I miss the great HBO shows. YouTube is YouTube they have some full feature movies but like Amazon they are old and often not great quality. It is like going to those discount or 50% discount boxes found in some supermarkets. If you lucky you may find some cartoons or an old movie with the muscles from Brussels. No organization can exceed in everything and by providing everything certain products or services are just not fantastic. This is basic common sense. Unless you enjoy watching 2 minute reviews (advertising) over and over again YouTube can drive you mad. Sure, get an 'adblocker' plus its free! That is dangerous. What do you think free VPN's and Adblockers do with your login details? It is worth it in the shirt term but after 48 hours when adverts suddenly increase especially those that seem to read your mind you will regret using the free service. We endeavour to include the well known channels like Netflix, but also subscription worthy channels, news channels, business videos etc. Our model only works when consumers cooperate. (C2M) 'Consumer to Manufacturer' discounts if products, services, streaming and CDS TV we can provide deeply discounted products and services but only if you and I cooperate.

The Marketvplace is owned entirely by its members.

There is no membership cost or subscription fees whatsoever. In other words you receive your shares (equity) in the Marketvplace completely free of charge or obligation. Members (shareholders) may sell their shares at a profit subject to terms & conditions that only protect the other members from one member accumulating a controlling interest in the Marketvplace. There are no costs, fees or financial constraints or costs whatsoever.

Every super wealthy individual made their money investing in the ‘Private’ Marketvplace. ‘Real’ wealth is made prior the listing on the ‘Public’ stock exchange.