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TV360 Marketplace, does not compete with (OTT) platform, or service provider. Add your company or channel to assist viewers in their decision-making process. Include: SVOD, AVOD, TVOD. (Free & paid). There is no charge whatsoever. TV Marketplace, Nonprofit Cooperative (Co-op.) See: (Co-op.). *The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Powered by Google Cloud

1. Donations for Long Term Economic Empowerment & short term change. 2. Invest in Shares (Equity) - Invest in The Private Marketvplace!

The Marketvplace is owned entirely by its members.

There is no membership cost or subscription fees whatsoever. In other words you receive your shares (equity) in the Marketvplace completely free of charge or obligation. Members (shareholders) may sell their shares at a profit subject to terms & conditions that only protect the other members from one member accumulating a controlling interest in the Marketvplace. There are no costs, fees or financial constraints or costs whatsoever.

Every super wealthy individual made their money investing in the ‘Private’ Marketvplace. ‘Real’ wealth is made prior the listing on the ‘Public’ stock exchange.