#ServeLikeMadiba and Give Us Content Not Corruption!

Please donate directly to 'The Nelson Mandela Children Fund' Only.

The Marketvplace will not accept any donation on their behalf. We would be extremely grateful if you do not give your hard earned money to any third party as after the Parties and weddings; acquiring apartyments in Dubai. The bulk of the funds are tied up off-shore so there is nothing left to pass on to those who really need it.

Corruption and theft may be universal. But South African Politicians have been very progressive. By being the first country to make theft and corruption legal.

Under certain conditions:

  1. The amounts stolen must be substantial.

  2. In order to get promoted you have to be caught.

  3. You must keep the stolen money.

Role models:

It is now believed by the majority of young adults that is your serious about making real money. The only career choice is politics. This is not a joke. Extensive surveys have proved this fact. Many surveys have been done all across South Africa.

History Repeats Itself:

believe the only career choice to follow is politics if theybut only if the amount stolen is large enough subject it seems South Africa has taken steps to legalise corruption & theft. If you in politics or have some relation who serves in the government; you get to keep the money plus get a promotion. you if the amount is it has even become as I am sure you are aware that currently in South Africa one can steal hundreds of millions of Rand and get a promotion has become so seems to have made it must have been made legal as even if you are found out to have stolen it seems corruption & theft goes unpunished goes it must now be legal as must be currently drowning and this respectfully We do not accept monies


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