Marketvplace, 'The TV Marketplace' is 100% Free for consumers to view. It requires no fancy boxes, dongles, smart TV's or satellite dishes. There is no monetization, no bots, no login & no adverts. We do not compete with any other (OTT) media or streaming organization. In order to remain nonprofit, decentralized and to serve the consumer we will incorporate as a (Co-op.) Thus, legally no individual or company may serve their own interests in any way. This is in our humble opinion and view the only way to maintain the interests of all consumers now and in the future. No shareholder or employee may receive any form of benifit, imbursement directly or indirectly whatsoever. If they do they automatically give consent to have committed a criminal offense & thus pledge not to take action against anyone who may harm them physically, emotionally or end their life; in this circumstance no action will be taken by anyone as they have agreed to these terms & if diseased it will be known their own actions caused their demise. *Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Powered by Google Cloud

What do I need to start streaming content?

(If anyone tries to sell/rent you any type of TV box or other device, software, satellite dish; you are being cheated)

Break The Wheel 'Cut The Cord' Pick & choose the exact channels, topics & content you want; when you want it! No-Logins, no fancy TV boxes, no subscription, no smart TV etc. (If anyone tries to sell/rent you any type of TV box or another device/software you are being cheated) The entire point of OTT. 'Over The Top' In other words streaming content goes over the top of the box. decoder or satellite dish. Do not get fooled no box or other software or subscription will provide more channels or free content. If anything, you will have access to limited channels. In order to get every channel, App, platform that offers streaming content all you need is access to the internet. The most affordable device is your mobile phone. As long as it has a Wi-Fi link. Can connect to a WIFI or has a Sim-Card.

What is better? Cable, Satellite or Streaming?

Once you start streaming you will quickly understand nothing comes close. Plus it cost about 70% less than cable or satellite. The Wheel 'Cut The Cord' Pick & choose the exact channels, topics & content you want; when you want it!

How To Add Your Content to the Marketvplace?

Working with such volumes we are also able to procure mobile data rates across borders with our members (shareholders) making it and taking the Marketvplace incorporated as a (Co-op.) Nonprofit. Thus the sheer number of consumers that have agreed to cooperate understand no matter their personal financial situation they will get more free streaming, literally all or any paid streaming service at a lower amount at our bundled discount rates. As important unlike most of the trusted review platforms now controlled by a subscription service. They are greedy or get too greedy & once this is realized that programming usually rated at say 7/10. Suddenly it increases to 8.9/10. That is the time to change the reviews platform usually trusted. Our business model is two-fold; combining the cooperative (Co-op) and (C2M), 'Consumer to Manufacturer' that benefits from 'economies of scale' As our membership increases, members discounts increase. By shear size; number of viewers both paid or free we can procure volume based subscription discounts. Plus 'Bundled subscriptions' Not to mention; by adding consumers the Marketvplace automatically can guarantee you & I may less. In the case of consumers watching free content; we are able to increase the quality & quantity as nonprofit means while working with NMCF. See: *The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Powered by Google Cloud. Channel owners, media houses, educational institutions and manufacturers contact us; provide your channel name and short description of your company. We will provide you with full access to the Marketvplace website. All we require is a google email or working email address. We trust you to respect our terms & privacy. You are welcome to include adverts etc. We do not monetize any content whatsoever. For content and streaming reserved for paid subscribers, we recommend you offer volume based 'special offers' as we have many viewers/members. Google Sites is easy to use. Even without a Google Workplace subscription we can host your content on Google Drive or use your personal cloud distribution system. If you prefer to provide us with the embed code or restricted URL strings; we will happily build your page. Please include any headers and logo's etc. Your header will work best if its 1200x340px most image formats will suffice. If you streaming channel/s are subscription based you are welcome to promote your channel/s URL. Include volume based subscription discounts for our members. We suggest and recommend you provide us with at least one free episode of a series, movie, documentary or educational course. Plus a list of current favourites. The more info. about your programming the better. This will encourage our members to visit your page or site. While we can host a number of your shows, movies and series, live streaming and educational content, you are also welcome to add gaming content and even products that may be useful or necessary to view your content including smart devices, mobile & fixed data costs or VPN options. The TV-Marketplace @Marketvplace (TV360)

Membership to the Marketvplace is 100% Free. TV360 & The Marketvplace, does not compete with (OTT) platform, or service providers.

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Promote your (OTT) Content, Channel, Application or Platform. TV360 Marketplace, does not compete with (OTT) platform, or service providers. Add your company or channel to assist viewers in their decision-making process. Include: SVOD, AVOD, TVOD. (Free & paid). There is no charge whatsoever. List & receive shares (equity) & voting rights, decentralization is maintained & your influence. Use the Marketvplace, as your own nonprofit to deduct advertising costs while keeping a BEE open philanthropic door, soon to be mandatory in the ever-increasing divide. TV Marketplace, Nonprofit Cooperative (Co-op.)

*The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Powered by Google Cloud

For new projects contact: support@tv360.io

With the economic shift to Asia and new talent coming out of Africa. We encourage all creative content from live news broadcasts and entertainment, movies, series, documentaries, nature TV, gaming & all educational options to stream your content free on the TV Marketplace. @Marketvplace & TV360 @TV360io also offers the tools to assist you in the complex ever growing world of choosing the best suited paid & free solution. Our TV and Video marketplace was born out of the (C2M) business model. Empowering Consumers in all their Streaming & shopping Ecommerce. (C2M) enables the consumer to purchase directly from the manufacturer or content producer. By using economies of scale; all it takes is a little cooperation as it is all about consumers working together. Discounts when you subscribe to Netflix, Amazon-Prime etc. The same with all products & services. Plus we do not request or force you to register, the only way to prevent the abuse of your personal details.

Imagine getting things you really want for up to 90% less than the retail price plus becoming a fashion Influencer & it only takes minutes of your time. Instead of social media making all the money you can now use social media as your discount platform. I mentioned receiving up to 90% discount.

That is possible. Why? or How? Look at your favourite store or think of any large and or expensive retailer. They usually make 100-500% profit. The reason you & I cannot go directly to the manufacturer & also pay that discounted price is when we shop we only buy one pair of shoes. But the retailer is buying hundreds that explained (Economies of scale) OK so you understand its is real. Especially when they see the discount. Imagine you have 1000 followers. That will grow into 10 000, without waiting weeks you may attract 10 000 followers. You will be surprised how many followers a really great "Pin" will receive.

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TV360-Discount Shopping (C2M)

The Marketvplace is making shopping fun and exciting. Thus we have empowered the consumer by enabling social media to serve you as they promote your product to peers & other buyers. Our simple model (C2M), 'Consumer to Manufacturer' eliminates all the wholesalers and distributors using economies of scale we act in cooperation with all our members procuring products in bulk to meet your price. Imagine paying 20-90% less than the retail price for all products and services!

TV Marketplace (TV360)

The Marketvplace (C2M) provides members with *360 TV streaming services at less than 30% of the standard retail subscription prices. While new TV channels and services are coming online weekly. Netflix & Amazon Prime it seems lowering programming standard and so much competition it is the consumer paying for these TV wars. causing Or charging ridicules amounts of money. It seems great value for money at $5,99 per month, but only after subscribing finding out the reason I subscribed, based on advertised programming but the $5.99 was only the subscription fee for joining! Unless I paid an extra $2,99 per episode = No Show. Take the average season of 15 episodes = $45.00 or R 653,38 but wait, these shows are addictive so for all 6 seasons $270.00 or R3920,29 plus the login fee of $5.99 making it questionable on all levels. My point here is as the industry becomes oversaturated, and producers realizing they too can make 5 times more by way of exclusive streaming the number of subscriptions required to get a fair number of programmes means subscribing to at least 3-20 channels. Each one costing $5,99 - $14,99 not to mention the added risk & time it takes to remember every password etc. That is where the Marketvplace comes in it is owned by the various producers and now we can pay one discounted subscription for all these services. Plus, its safe with our built in MKTVPN and we hope to provide one primary 'Pin' to access them all.

Creative Services Directory

Make Quality Advertising Videos from your phone with step-by-step guidance from leading freelancers or work with the worlds leading creative professionals and advertising agencies to create your complete corporate TV & Video marketing strategy. Visit our Create Directory and pay no fees or commissions whatsoever. Creative producers list your company it is 100% Free.

Talent Agency & Artists

Casting agencies, model agencies listings are 100% Free. We welcome individual actors, characters and models; list your details and portfolios or video clips. For quality assurance please contact us and we will dedicate a page if required at no cost whatsoever. Scouts can contact you directly; obviously subject to the terms of your contracts if relevant. Contact for details

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List Your TV channel and streaming service. List your creative services company (Freelancers welcome) Casting agencies list your clients. We welcome individual actors, characters and models; list your details and portfolios or video clips. For quality assurance please contact us and we will dedicate a page if required at no cost whatsoever. Scouts can contact you directly; obviously subject to the terms of your contracts if relevant. Contact for details

Invest in the Marketvplace!

Ownership of the Marketvplace. See: Ownership. The Marketvplace is entirely owned by its members. *Channel and content providers will be allocated an equal amount of equity shares & voting rights.