Please Be Patient Securing Free Content & Discounted Subscriptions - Sometimes Takes A Little Extra Time. But, It Will Be Worth The Wait! 100% Free. No Login Whatsoever. No Personal Detail Theft. No Monthly Debit Payment That Often Continue Even When Cancelled. Own The TV Marketplace. Contact Us. No Fancy or Funny Boxes or Dongles Required. All You Require is A Basic Smartphone & Browser. We Are Currently Procuring Mobile Data For Members At Crazy Low Rates. No Tricks No Small print. All Of Us Should Have Access To All OTT Streaming Channels. There Are Not Hundreds But Thousands+++

How To Add Your Content to the Marketvplace?

Channel owners, media houses, educational institutions and manufacturers contact us; provide your channel name and short description of your company. We will provide you with full access to the Marketvplace website. Provide us with your bespoke Header 1200x340px and we will do the rest.

All we require is a google email or working email address. We trust you to respect our terms & privacy. You are welcome to include adverts etc. We do not monetize any content whatsoever. For content and streaming reserved for paid subscribers, we recommend you offer volume based 'special offers' as we have many viewers/members. Google Sites is easy to use. Even without a Google Workplace subscription we can host your content on Google Drive or use your personal cloud distribution system. If you prefer to provide us with the embed code or restricted URL strings; we will happily build your page. Please include any headers and logo's etc. Your header will work best if its 1200x340px most image formats will suffice. If you streaming channel/s are subscription based you are welcome to promote your channel/s URL.

Include volume based subscription discounts for our members. We suggest and recommend you provide us with at least one free episode of a series, movie, documentary or educational course. Plus a list of current favourites. The more info. about your programming the better. This will encourage our members to visit your page or site. While we can host a number of your shows, movies and series, live streaming and educational content, you are also welcome to add gaming content and even products that may be useful or necessary to view your content including smart devices, mobile & fixed data costs or VPN options. The TV-Marketplace @Marketvplace (TV360)

Educational Organizations: No Fees or Commissions Whatsoever! Continued...

The Marketvplace (Market-TV-Place) All educational institutions pay no fees, costs or commissions whatsoever. There is no small print. It is your choice to have any number of courses and or advertising promoted and or uploaded, so the learner has the option to study from the Marketvplace or to login to your site and learn etc. There is no cost whatever you choose. Why not offer both to learners as over 70% of our members (viewers) are under 35 years of age. Contact the Marketvplace, and we can have you bespoke pages up within 72 hours. Free design, free advertising and no fees or commissions on any sale whatsoever. The Marketvplace & TV360, are nonprofit and registered as a Cooperative. Please Contact Us or call us on +27739207093 - Email:

The benefits of subscribing via the marketvplace: Purchase your subscription via the Marketvplace you are guaranteed to pay less than those who subscribe independently. Contact: or the Marketvplace directly:

List Your Channel. Our members (subscribers) will vote on their favourite producers & streaming services. All those chosen will be offered to add content and programming plus each channel will receive an equal share of equity in the Marketvplace. Proceeds and dividends will be divided pro-rata among the members.

Please Note: We Are Under Construction

The benefits of subscribing via the marketvplace: Purchase your subscription via the Marketvplace you are guaranteed to pay less than those who subscribe independently. Contact TV360: or email The Marketvplace Directly: